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Carlos Velasquez
Carlos Velasquez

My name is Carlos Velasquez, proud owner of Anchor Bay Construction.  

Construction has always been a passion for me, my construction career began back in Los Angeles-Orange Area somewhere in 1995, I had the opportunity to draft, design and build several projects as well as set-up a full design-firm office for my then-previous employer, this opportunity allowed me to acquire a vast amount of construction and design experience as well as the basics of Project Management.

My beginnings were very humble, I had no real experience in the field and it took several years before I could fully understand the flow of a design-build process, meeting with home owners, capturing their ideas and dreams, then transferring this information on a schematic format, to only then finalized a full CD set for city submittal and approval.

Many years later, I am still amazed on how much learning I continue to receive from every project I’m involved, this learning curb is a never ending task, and that is the beauty of what I do, always something new, always something exiting, always looking forward for the next challenge and opportunity!!!!