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Carlos Velasquez
Carlos Velasquez

My name is Carlos Velasquez, proud owner of Anchor Bay Construction.  

Construction has always been a passion for me, my construction career began back in Los Angeles-Orange Area somewhere in 1995, I had the opportunity to draft, design and build several projects as well as set-up a full design-firm office for my then-previous employer, this opportunity allowed me to acquire a vast amount of construction and design experience as well as the basics of Project Management.

My beginnings were very humble, I had no real experience in the field and it took several years before I could fully understand the flow of a design-build process, meeting with home owners, capturing their ideas and dreams, then transferring this information on a schematic format, to only then finalized a full CD set for city submittal and approval.

Many years later, I am still amazed on how much learning I continue to receive from every project I’m involved, this learning curb is a never ending task, and that is the beauty of what I do, always something new, always something exiting, always looking forward for the next challenge and opportunity!!!!



We are a General Construction company located in the heart of the East Bay with more that 15+ years in the construction industry, we specialize in the construction of custom homes and green building design, our portfolio includes homes with some of the most advance technology use in the green and standard construction industry.

Our doors opened back in Los Angeles area and Orange County in 1998 as a design-build company, became a license contractor in 2007, since then, we strive to achieve and excel construction standards as well as maintain a solid partnership with clients, architects, engineers, city officials and all subs contractors.

We take pride in our work from beginning to end, our team is courteous, polite and professional, leave us the heavy work and we will do our best to impress!!!!